2016 Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Series Offroad Test – 4×4.practicalmotoring.com.au

Offroad test of the 2016 Toyota Landcruiser LC200 showing Crawl Control, Turn Assist, Active Traction Control (A-TRC), MTM (Multi-Terrain Monitor), MTS (Multi Terrain Select) and other 4WD systems. Read the full review at 4×4.practicalmotoring.com.au soon.
2016 Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Series Offroad Test – 4×4.practicalmotoring.com.au

40 Comments on “2016 Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Series Offroad Test – 4×4.practicalmotoring.com.au”

  1. buddy those tires are for asphalt not off road. if u had off road tires tou would fly on those hills

  2. lots of electronics…. i think if you have just the difflock front and rear, higher ground clearance and skills. you dont need these all..

  3. Good test but you need to work on your camera skills it is hard to look at this video. You need a camera gimbal such as DJI Osmo or something ASAP.

  4. is it diesel or gasoline? i guess from the tachometer, it should be diesel.

  5. i have got a same car but there is no way in hell i am driving my car through these roads. Outstanding video though.

  6. Jesus Christ what camera are you using. The level of details is staggering.

  7. I’m not trolling, but please for your own sake see a speech therapist

  8. 2:25 Why is the babe struggling, unbelievable, must be something wrong with your driving

  9. Why don’t you guys use HD camera to capture this? The video is little bit poor quality. Please try to make it better. But I appreciate your effort to making real feed back of the features. Well done.

  10. Unimpressed. I love the old land cruisers but that terrain shouldn’t have been challenging for an off road vehicle. Today It’s too tailored for the soccer mum. I bet my old manual 4runner would breeze over that terrain. Driving off road is a skill in itself anyway.

  11. Ну и кто по таким дорогам будет ездить на авто за 5 миллионов рублей.
    Есть УАЗ есть Нива для этого.

  12. You’re running street or HT tires on the 2016 LC, aren’t you? Put a decent set of AT like BFG KO2 tires on there and you would probably get more out of the A trac on mud…

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