4Hi Vs 4Lo Vs 2Hi – 4X4 Offroad Testing

What’s the difference between 4Hi, 4Lo, and 2Hi? When should I use 4Lo? When should I use 4hi? How does a transfer case work? Do I need to be in neutral to shift into 4Lo? What are the steps necessary to shift into 4Lo? This video features the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, with the various driving modes required. 4Hi, 4Lo, 2Hi, and an Auto LSD.

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4Hi Vs 4Lo Vs 2Hi – 4X4 Offroad Testing

9 Comments on “4Hi Vs 4Lo Vs 2Hi – 4X4 Offroad Testing”

  1. Very nice rig you have there. Really enjoyed the video with the split screens. Articulate and succinct. Maybe not scientific, but made the point well.

  2. I would never buy a Japanese truck they all have timing belts which are expensive to replace

  3. You can’t turn off traction control in 2wd without the auto lsd being on. Traction control can only be turned off when stopped in 4wd high and hold the traction button for 3 seconds or going to 4wd low

  4. Toyota explains all this in the owner’s manual, and in the little card on the driver side sun visor.

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