4×4 Vs 4-Auto Vs Snowstorm: Chevy Suburban 4WD Snow Day Review

( ) 4×4 or 4-Auto? Chevy Suburban Fun Snow Day Review. How do the different 4×4 modes work?

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4×4 Vs 4-Auto Vs Snowstorm: Chevy Suburban 4WD Snow Day Review

37 Comments on “4×4 Vs 4-Auto Vs Snowstorm: Chevy Suburban 4WD Snow Day Review”

  1. Put some sand bag in the back to weight it down it help my rav4 awd from sliding my 03 Tundra limited love the snow never got stuck on me once I use 4hi didn’t even have to use 4low in a foot of snow was sliding a little but keep on moving

  2. To all those commenters who think 72 grand is high for this vehicle, consider the alternatives: Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes – all more expensive to buy and way more to fix and maintain.  The Ford Expedition can be high too, but is not even close to being as nicely thought out as the Suburban.  (The 2018 Expeditions will be all-new and even pricier than the Suburban).

    The Suburban is a bargain for what you get.  And keep in mind this test vehicle is the top of the line LTZ.  You can get a mid trim level LT,  with tons of standard equipment, including leather seats for 52 grand if you shop around for a  deal like I did.

    Also, the Suburban holds its value unlike all the other full size SUVs.

  3. Kid seems totally out of place, maybe reviewing video games or hot pockets, but trucks?……. it brought the video clip to an amateur level.

  4. Suburban is great, the panels around the windows rip off in the wind though. They vibrate, hum, and flap off. Solid steel shouk remainibstead of stupid black panels behind side front windows and in front of side rear windows on doors.

  5. What’s the purpose of the 2WD mode if 4 Auto is 2WD until it needs to be 4WD? Can’t think there would be any efficiency saving in keeping it in 2WD.

  6. Thats just a normal old day for us in Canada, Why is it you guys get 1 inch of snow and all crash, hit ditches, and the city shuts down.
    Your “All season” tires are performing like I would expect (and have experienced first hand) a summer/track tire would perform like in those conditions.
    We all use all seasons here too snow tires arent a legal requirement in all of canada and are not a requirement for where I am I have all seasons on my vehicle always have and had no issues.
    Also good all seasons perform better than bad winter tires I have experienced that first hand as well, sold the winters kept the good all seasons as they were much better.

    You guys must get shit for tires down there or something, they made of plastic down there or what?

  7. My AWD Ridgeline and AWD Acura TL, BOTH WITH SNOW TIRES, get me through the Canadian ice and snow with ease….real SNOW tires are a must if you are serious about getting around in winter conditions.

  8. The cubby is a good place to put an ipod or large jump drive (128 or 256 gb) . That stereo will play Wav files, too.3

  9. That is not snow…. come to Norway and see snow for real…Those tyres are rated as summer tyres here ?????

    I bet I could bet ALL of those times ????

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