All Wheel Drive Vs 4×4; What Is The Difference?

Ever wondered the difference between an All Wheel drive and a Four Wheel drive? Here Roger from ARB explains & shows the difference.
All Wheel Drive Vs 4×4; What Is The Difference?

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  1. 4WD is where 4 wheels drive AWD is where all wheels drive. Period

  2. It’s really called 4WD pretty much everywhere in the world. Only a few places use the term AWD. In those few places, 4WD means to fully-locked differentials. In those same places that use the term AWD, it just means 4WD with LSDs or some fancy torque vectoring system.

  3. The only AWD system that comes with a set of Low range gears is the Subaru. Everything else is a 4wd with hi range only. And Subaru quit making dual range awd in early 2000s.

  4. What is all that complaining about his voice. I watch this video over and over again just because of his funny voice

  5. Awd is 4×4 is 4wd…it is the SAME thing!all wheels get momentum!Now ,there are different ways to put power on wheels.. mechanical,electromagnetic engageing,with or without diff locks,central/front/rear,diff locks also can be lsd,100%,or computer breaking discs mimitate real diff lock..also full time or partial time 4×4,awd,4wd…cars have 4 whells,so all designations are correct…let me put more simple-if you have a truck with 6 wheels,and only 4 are driven,than it is not awd,but is 4wd or 4×6.if it is all 6 wheels driven than it is awd,6wd or 6×6,it s not 4×4 or 4wd

  6. I guess im the only intelligent person here considering i understood everything the man said.

  7. what ever happened to advanced driving techniques? Just let the car do it for you well I will say it does a shitty job and there is no fun in that.

  8. 4×4 = all wheels digging for traction, AWD is usually only two tires spinning that are parallel to each other so the front right and back left. 4×4 is offroad and awd is for onroad manners (staying in your lane from not too much understeer) if you can understand why this information is important you’re better off then some idiot’s down below..

  9. So basically AWD is totally traction controlled by sensors and computers, where 4wd has to be manually engaged, but can still benefit from traction control and diff lock, if the vehicle is equipped.

  10. Australians have no native motor industry, and yet they have the insolence to explain how it all works, with their crappy accent. Why don’t they go back to where they belong: sheep breeding, mining, and oh yeah, Lot of drinking?

  11. the difference between a 4×4 and awd is that 4×4 is the vehicle that pulls awd vehicle out of the ditch that the awd is stuck in

  12. if my 2008 jeep grand Cherokee has 4wd low only does that mean I have awd On the back it says Laredo 4×4 and has the trail rated 4×4

  13. I’m sorry but Australian English is one of the worst sounding language I’ve ever heard. The way they butcher certain words is downright annoying.

  14. Very simple people, if you have a button that allows you to choose 2wd/4high/4low you have a 4×4, with possibly a center Limited slip differential.
    If you don’t have a button that allows you to select the above mentioned option and have AWD, then your car is always sending power to both front and rear axles at different percentages, starting off at 70/30 with a front or rear bias and depending on conditions your driving on it can change to 50/50.

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