As Real As It Gets – Traxxas Slash 4X4

The perfect location. Ideal conditions. These are the ingredients for ideal proving grounds. Unleashing the throttle, Slash 4×4 rides through lush green fields and plows through fresh dirt, showing inherent refinement in every powerful movement. Everything about Slash is high-performance, from its roost-inducing brushless power to the precision-handling of its all-time 4WD platform.

Blasting across brutally rough terrain and soaring gracefully from jump to jump, Slash 4X4’s oil-filled coil-over shocks provide the perfect balance of damping and rebound. Slash 4×4 is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything R/C machine.

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As Real As It Gets – Traxxas Slash 4X4

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  1. Can I ask one question traxxas I’m buying this on my birthday does the traxxas slash come with battery the ez peak battery?

  2. This is my favorite out of all the Traxxas videos.. I am starting a new channel and have similar videos, mostly clips with music.. I defiantly think that the slash 4×4 is the best and original shout course experience as a slash owner myself congrats!

  3. The traxxes slash 4×4 is a great hit of rc cars. I am geting on for my b-day!!!!!!!!!

  4. Im looking for a first rc car, something that i can take to a oval, rip around the road, take on the beach, sand and some gravel/dirt trails and do some medium 4wding on also something that can go fast! Should i get the Slash 4×4 or something cheaper or idk??? If anybody could get back to me that would be great. Nice video btw!

  5. One thing I would say about this rocky nice car it needs to be more safe and fully waterproof it’s very hard to resist not to drive this car in mud and water really … I keep being afraid to dry my ESC specially that I already fried the original one from castle … I love this car more than the Emaxx and E Revo even but this point kept me worried as spare parts of traxxas are pretty expensive…

  6. Sweet video Traxxas!! I actually have the Traxxas slash 4X4 1/10 scale, and it’s an amazing truck. Keep it up??

  7. I got this a year ago I broke it but it’s fixed I ran it in to a pole. But IT IS WORTH THE MONEY

  8. I own xmaxx 8s and a few 3.3 trucks have 2 slash trucks hands down the funnest truck ever built worth every $$$$

  9. My favorite RC car is the Slash 4×4 by Traxxas, keep up good work and btw what is the song called

  10. I love all of the cool cars you make I am trying to get my first rc car ever and the first one in my family I have I like this one

  11. Would anyone be interested in buying a used slash 4×4 Baja ready with rpm lighting and spare tires?

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