Choosing Bigger Tyres For Your 4×4 Benefits & Issues Off-road, 4 Wheeling Quick Tip

Choosing bigger tyres for your 4×4 benefits & issues off-road, 4 Wheeling Quick tip. What to look out for when getting or choosing a bigger tyre for your 4WD.
There a great benefits but there are also issues which will effect you choice of size.
Helpful links for tyres & rims size choices, Diff Gear ratio chart and more:

A few more things to keep in mind are:
The Laws in your area and country
Increased braking distance in some cases

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Choosing Bigger Tyres For Your 4×4 Benefits & Issues Off-road, 4 Wheeling Quick Tip

30 Comments on “Choosing Bigger Tyres For Your 4×4 Benefits & Issues Off-road, 4 Wheeling Quick Tip”

  1. I jumped from 205/70 R16 All Terrains to 33×12.50 R15 Mud Terrains and didn’t notice any gearing/speed changes.

  2. Hey mate. Thanks for video. I have 2016 FJ cruiser and I want to change wheels and tyres from 17 inch to 20inch. I would like to know this will be fit and also what tyre size i should pick.
    Thanks in advanced.

  3. Nice video showing it’s not just bigger is better. I have an old ’93 Jeep ZJ with 3.5 inch lift, 31/10.50s and a little less backspacing on the rim than stock. I have plenty of clearance for anything but pure rock crawling, and the 31s stuff so nicely the only thing I have had to trim is a little plastic bumper

  4. Low pro mud tires ride like shit !  You need a 70 inch sidewall not including tread size ! A lot manufacture  are adding the tread to side wall and what you have is low pro mud tire that has no air pressure an so rides like  farm tractor !

  5. I’ve listened to it like ten times but can’t understand what he’s saying for 2

  6. hey ronny was wondering if you could do a video on how to read tyre sizes and how to know what size is too big

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  8. I’m not convinced by the wider tyres/more traction argument. Narrower tyres give more pressure per unit area. It occurs to me that say dropping from 16- to 15-inch in order to accommodate a larger profile may be the way to go. Obviously keep away from low profiles that are so prone to sidewall damage. Check what the rally cars are using.
    So many modern passenger cars and SUVs have inadequate wheel arch space largely because they use strut front suspension. So 70% may be the largest tyre you can fit.
    I’m in the Japan Alps, so snow and ice are what I face in winter. Obviously not a problem in OZ. However, traction in mud is a common issue.
    I run a couple of Pajero iOs, because they have an over-engineered transmission (4WD/2WD switchable, lockable centre diff, crawler gear, LSD), also well designed strong road wheels. Drawback is that only Mitsubishi wheels will fit. And so cheap at auction that you can literally afford scrap when that expensive servicing falls due at 100,000km. Bit of a knee-buckler for you guys I realise.
    You can strap three lengths of chain on each of the rear wheels, so it’s better to carry two spare wheels already prepared. Naturally you have to remove the mud flaps.
    A long winter with plenty of snow means a high probability of serious damage/write off. I’ve always planned to be the last owner, and scrapping is FoC. 200,000 yen will get you a low distance iO complete with registration and shaken.
    Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  9. Bigger tires make dicks grow. This is a fact. When your Aussie buddy sees your bigger tires his dick will get bigger. Just you and your mate and a big dick. No wonder they put you criminals on that island.

  10. hello. thanks for the video. I ha e a quick question so if my trailblazer starts at 29 1/2 inches and if I add a 3 inch lift and 1.5 inch wheel spacers will I be able to add 33 inch tires?

  11. What I plan on doing is building my own custom independent suspension for me ford truck to lift the differential up and out of the way. Tons of old plans on line for racing cars. Of course if you do this your towing and payload capability goes down drastically like any truck with independent rear suspension.

  12. Is it just me or are “tyres” spelled “tires”? LOL
    Is this an Aluminium Aluminum thing?

  13. If you put a tire on bigger than manufactures specifications, you will void your insurance.

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