Crawling Evans Creek Washington

Crawling Evan’s Creek In Washington State

We hit Evans Creek last week and had a blast. We took a few Jeeps, a Bronco, and a few Razors.This place was gorgeous and was really a mellow ride. The terrain was medium along the trails we hit and we suffered minimal damage to the vehicles.

view of mount rainier

The trail head is located about an hour and a half southeast of the Seattle area and offers around 20 miles of scenic tree riddled trails that run along the base of the Cascade mountain range. We started to crawl up to about 5,600 feet in elevation and the terrain naturally became a little more difficult as we approached some of the peaks, the surface was loose with rocks and hadn’t seen enough vehicles to have a compact surface, so tires slipped a bit. While we hit some peaks though, we were blessed with some amazing views of Mount Rainer. You should however, pay close attention to the condition of the trails, as they’re technically difficult during the rainy season. Anyone from here knows how wet it gets in these parts on these trails are no exception. During other parts of the season, mostly summer, Evan’s Creek is still a very challenging off road course for anyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

We set up for the night at a campground deep in the forest, off the main trail head a few miles in. There was some fallen timbre and within a few hours we had some benches and tables cut up and ready for us to hang out at for the night. As with most trail heads in Washington State we found a water source near where we were able to get fresh water into our filter systems for hydration the next day.

4x4 in need of auto repairWe ended up making that spot our campgrounds for the weekends and explored trailheads from there. At sunrise we hit the trail pretty hard, one razor blew out his tire and the Bronco trashed his transfer case. We had to tow him back to the camp spot to repair his truck. We had set up a repair station for anyone that suffered any huge setback, it’s pretty easy to swap a tire but any engine work that needs to be done out in the woods can prove to be difficult.

Fortunately we had a guy with us that did auto repair in Redmond. He had the tools and the knowledge to help us get the transfer case fix and the transmission repaired. There was some fluid leaking from underneath his truck and apparently he had hit a rock hard enough to crack it. When you 4×4 the hills in Washington, you can expect to get beat up pretty bad. A few of the other guys were Redmond mechanics also that worked at the same shop, so truck repairs happened pretty quick. It’s like having a paramedic on a battlefield, the value a mechanic brings to a 4×4 expedition is ridiculous. We realized that this time around and will be inviting them back for next years crawl.