Easiest Way To Memorize 4×4 Edge Parity (Tutorial)

Easiest Beginner Tutorial for solving the 4×4 Edge Parity!

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This is an Additional Help video for my Simplest Tutorial for the 4×4 Rubik’s Revenge
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Original 4×4 Tutorial:

————PARITY FORMULAS——————————
This video should help you avoid direct memorization, but if that’s what works for you, here are the possible algorithms you can memorize:

1. Edge Parity (My Way): r’ U ² l F ² l’ F² r ² U ² r U ² r’ U ² F ² r ² F ²

2. Edge Parity (Standard Formula): r ² B ² U ² l U ² r ‘ U ² r U ² F ² r F ² l ‘ B ² r ²

3. Edge Parity (SpeedCubing): (R ² r ²) B ² U ² (L l) U ² (R’ r ‘) U ² (R r) U ² F ² (R r) F ² (L ‘ l ‘) B ² (R ² r ²)
Easiest Way To Memorize 4×4 Edge Parity (Tutorial)

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  1. I still need help. I have a case that kinda looks like a dog. it looks like this


  2. I kinda wish that you could do a solution if u did ruin your cube solving the yellow cross (but good teaching anyway?)

  3. This alg way really easy for me to remember. Rw2 B2 U2 Lw U2 Rw’ U2 Rw U2 F2 Rw F2 Lw’ B2 Rw2

    I honestly don’t get why people hold this alg as so hard, learn some of the hard pll’s suddenly this becomes much easier.

    Another tip, look for patterns in algs

  4. I know you get this a lot, but this actually helped me immensely. I was in shock that I actually learned this algorithm, I didn’t know I was able to. Again, thank you.

  5. Thanks a lot Sergs. B. Today I went to my first cubing competition and finished the 4×4 cube with the parody. I have been trying to learn this for 1 year. You are the Best cubing teacher ever.

  6. thank you so much. This video actually has me in tears because of how many videos I’ve tried to learn the OLL parity algorithm. I can now solve the 4×4 Rubik’s cube from any scramble because of this. Also if anyone cares I use the QiYi QiYaun S 4×4. It’s a pretty nice, cheap cube for my turning style.

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