Here’s Why You Should Buy A Budget 4×4

Alex takes his Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin off-roading and tells you why it’s more fun than driving a car on track!
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Tom Kent:
Here’s Why You Should Buy A Budget 4×4

39 Comments on “Here’s Why You Should Buy A Budget 4×4”


  2. I”ve had my 91 Jeep Cherokee for a year now paid $1500 CAD best offroader I’ve ever had I love it so much

  3. i wondered if you like off roading. thats all i do. i have a built 2000 dodge ram 4×4 with a 5.9 360. and a bmw e36 project car.

  4. You’re Camera work is getting better but try and edit Camera Guy + Tri-pod out in edit///otherwise you Guys ROCK !

  5. I’m getting a Suzuki Samurai 80s model I believe and I’m hoping to do some awesome off road stuff

  6. You should make this your second project car. You should make it into the ultimate offroader or do another series like the is200 track build but its for offroading

  7. My roommate has a jimny and I remember him just backing into my EG and I hated the fact that his jimny wasnt touched at all instead my EG lost its front bumper (he gave me a brojob tho)

  8. awesome video but sort of click bait considering the average person will have to spend 400 for sliders, 400 for bumper and 800+ for a winch. not to mention shop time if they don’t have access to a welder. folks are gonna blow their budget if they don’t know that.

  9. I had one, it was my daily, was a 4 door auto, loved it but got really poor mpg and 17 sec. 0-60 ?? Still got a video of a 0-60 on my Chanel. Was a beast on off-roading indeed.

  10. Where in surrey is this? I know some of it is coldharbour but i dont recognise the last bit?

  11. could you tell me where in surrey you live as i live in the Guildford area and this is what i wnt to do on weekends.

  12. GREAT JUMP IN THE END, really nice to watch XD, Liked the video just because of tath KKK, good video

  13. A little tip that may contradict this video but OFF ROAD IS NOT CHEAP. With cheap off road vehicles you will end up stuck, broken down, worn out fast. Towing can get very expensive off road. AAA is not coming. You will push it too hard. Harder than it is made to do. I like off road and have had one from the 2nd truck I bought. The 1st cheap but the worst the second good with a race engine the third Bronco I have built and upgraded with advanced long travel suspension not from chain off road shop. It has a small lift 35″ tires with glass fenders for clearance. Gusseted and plated beams with long chromolly radius arms heim jointed for connection tall shock mounts for long position sensitive, external reservoir, large King Shocks.
    This gives 18″ of front travel 20″ rear travel. The $$$ Raptor has 13″front 13.9″ rear. Gears with lockers front and back, axles, transmission built for 650 hp, transfer case built strong. It does this….

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