Hill Climb Racing 3D 4×4

Are you fond of hill, mountain climb 3D racing game, then you are at right place?

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Mountain climb racing 3D 4×4 is a simulation game.

Driving 4×4 truck in 10 curvy mountains tracks is extreme fun.

Complete 10 levels and finish mountain climb racing 3D 4×4.

How to Play Mountain Climb Racing 3D 4×4.

Use accelerator and brake paddle for controlling the 4×4 truck.

Use gear paddle for reverse and forward movement.

Use steering for controlling direction of truck


4×4 wheel truck with Powerful engine.

Realistic car physics.

3D mountains and hill.

Excellent engine and truck sounds.

Excellent background music.

HD land with excellent controls of truck.

Best of luck for mountain climb racing!!!

Download Now from Google Play Store here
Hill Climb Racing 3D 4×4

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