How To Drive Off Road 4×4 – Part 1

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How To Drive Off Road 4×4 – Part 1

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  1. this is brilliant, the presenter has the ability to make it interesting or boring, this presenter is brilliant. This will be very valuable information for when we pick up our Uaz-469b

  2. If you jack up both wheels on the same side it won’t move unless there is some sort of axle lock.  I’ve had 5 LR’s and they are only 4×2 in reality. There is drive to both axles but only forward motion if all wheels have grip. This also applies to numerous other 4×4’s that don’t have axle locks.  4×4 or all wheel drive is an industry myth unless axle locks are fitted, or brake caliper traction control is available.

  3. I would recommend this to anyone that’s going to start 4-wheeling or even people that have been doing it for a while. The speaker is on point and actually having drivers do what he is saying by showing mistakes and correct method is invaluable. Just probably one of the best I’ve seen (off-roading tutorial) well worth investing the time to watch.

  4. Ummmm water crossing high water in such front rear older middle diffs need to breath!!
    What do about that ?

  5. Nice.. About the high water crossing, is he only driving in 2th speed and not in low gear and/or diff lock?

  6. is this how drive off-road or how drive a car and how car work and how many wheel is one car? hope they know whichever is the bow and which the rear end????

  7. Although lots of good info, the guy has potty mouth. Too bad he couldn’t teach anyone how to drive with out using foul language, I tried to watch it with my sons and they brought it to my attention, not only did I have a problem with it but my sons did as well.

  8. If you want to truly know a subject. Ask a Nerd! That was very informative , Thank You.☺ I am now slightly less likely to get embarrassingly stuck when showing off in my ML, but can always pretend I ‘knew it would happen’ by inserting a few key words whilst begging for a tow! Hahahahaha ?. I enjoyed that (Have a subscription)

  9. Thank you so much….I’m a girl…like one of your demonstrators. ….I really appreciate your instructions

  10. In convoy wait for vehicle in front to clear hill or water crossing. Going up hill – Imagine if vehicle in front doesnt make it and had reverse down or worse slides back. Water crossing – if he gets stuck. We want vehicle in front or behind on solid ground so they can assist with tow or winch recovery. Once he’s clear then enter obstacle.. hill or water or whatever.

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