HUMMER And UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 In 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant

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HUMMER and UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 in 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant
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Disclaimer: I like all well-built and high-performing Off Road Trucks, and trying objectively look at all vehicles. I am neither mechanic nor professional driver nor engineer – but have enough knowledge in each area, and enough off road experience to appreciate what each vehicle is capable off.
One thing that I still did not figure out is why there are so many people are biased against Hummer.
Can someone explain why there are so much hate for Hummer? It is the latest military vehicle that is (still) serving the best army in the world. Why did this army choose this vehicle if it is so bad? Also, I know many people who take their Hummers for extreme off road and they are very happy with their truck and its capabilities.
My feeling that people who post negative comments about Hummer have never had a chance to drive it, or taking it off road. So, what are all those comments are based on?
Do people bother to post because they are anti-American? or because Hummer ran-over those people or their belongings? or because they are just jealous? or because they owned one of those Hummers and had continuous problems?
Please do not bother to post hate messages – but it will be greatly appreciated if you share your experience, knowledge or observations.

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Disclaimer: This video is for Entertainment purposes only!
HUMMER And UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 In 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant

32 Comments on “HUMMER And UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 In 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant”

  1. People are quick to forget why the H1 Hummer was made in the first place and the H2 and H3 are not real Hummers.  Simply proves how ignorant people are.

  2. Why people say stupid things about Hummers? I suppose it is the same like with Apple computers or Samurai swords. Because many Hummer owners are convinced theirs is the best in the world. Nothing else compares and nothing will ever come close.
    Most have no idea about competing products, never took their Hummer offroad, and never tried a Pinzgauer, a Mercedes Wolf, an Iveco Massif, a Santana Anibal or what else there is out there. And, yes, there is the H2 and H3 issue.
    Petrol consumption is an issue, come on: 10mpg! Thats nearly as much as a fully mineproofed Mowag Eagle (that weighs 8 tons). And it is really, really wide. Bad, when going through woodland.
    It does not help if you speak about the best army in the world and the Hummer being the latest developped vehicle. The H1 is based on the Humvee, the design is from 1981. The US Army uses Mercedes Wolf from roughly the same time, and certainly also newer vehicle.

    I think the Hummer is a great offroader, with its strong points and weaknesses, like any other car. People react to the hyperbole about the Hummer, hence the bad comments.

  3. 1:19-1:32 is the only part of this video you need to watch to understand the difference. #UnimogForeverUnimogForLife

  4. I’m sitting here, watching a Unimog and a couple of H1s, wondering why in the hell anybody would try to off road a H2 or H3; THEY ARE YUKONS WITH HUMMER BODIES. Chevy sucks.cant wheel, stuck every time.

  5. The Unimog is a tough truck to beat for so many reasons, they are reliable, fairly easy to fix if needed will go through just about anything, they have great ground clearance, they are quiet inside the cab and with the turbocharged diesel engine they can pull a house reliably! This does not even touch all the different attachments that are available for them depending on what your needs are! The only draw back is price, the trucks cost twice as much as an H1 and parts when needed are 3 times the price! But in my opinion they are worth every penny of it!!!

  6. Why do European repair and rescue units rely on Unimogs?
    Answer: To get the job done. When you cannot affor to fail, you get the best tools for the job. They’ve been doing this for decades, they know their business. They also know that there is hardly any competition so they can charge pretty much what they want.
    Unimog is a system you buy into, from amfibio to snow ploughing.

  7. unimog great vehicle. honestly people can hate on my 06′ h3 but considering i only paid 11k for it used with 65k miles and put another 4k into it for lift, tires, and winch it does more than fine for my adventures in Colorado, Olklahoma and Texas. it keeps up well with my best friends 70k ’15 jeep Rubicon. hummers do get a bad wrap mainly for the 5 cylinder engine, but as true with most vehicles, take care of it, maintian it properly and fix little issues before they become big ones and you can have long lasting vehicle. i now have 193k miles on my h3 and still going strong.

  8. You could carry a spare hummer with the unimog,just in case one of the others lets go!

  9. Ohhhh please. That’s not a real hummer. It’s a p.o.s. truck from GM with stamped sheet metal panels to make it resemble the real hummer. This is not a real comparison and those H2 drivers should know better than to try that terrain. How embarrassing for you. Ha Haaaaa!

  10. All the people swooning about the UNIMOG have never heard of the Small Equipment Excavator (SEE) the Army used to use. It was called the SEE if it works because of it’s notorious unreliability.

  11. I used to love the H1 until I watched an offroad competition ( tough truck challenge?) where a built samurai beat the H1( also modified) in everything except towing .

  12. 1966 cambo your not entirely correct….. Its made by GM and Isuzu and their made in Ohio.

  13. well H1 is real hummer while H2 and H3 is just HUMM….not ER ing…but fuck all of that,,, UNIMOG rules…

  14. The unimog pulling out the h2. looked like a pitbull playing tug of war with a Chihuahua

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