Jeep Vs Toyota Vs Hummer. OffRoad 4×4

1986 Jeep CJ7, 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, 2008 Hummer H3 climbing a hill. Jeep has 3.5″ Skyjacker suspension lift, 33″ Super Swampers the rest is stock. Toyota sits 3″ higher on OME lift, 35″ BFGoodrich KM2, factory lockers and TRD Supercharger. Hummer is all stock with Adventure package.
Music by Kevin McLeod.

Jeep Vs Toyota Vs Hummer. OffRoad 4×4

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  1. Land Cruiser is awesome, but it’s the only one with full solids. If the jeep didn’t have all open diffs then it would do well also.

  2. That is a very tidy Landcruiser. Love seeing the older cars taken care of.

  3. you should have made it an even playing field for them all. well as even as you could get anyway. like since jeep doesn’t have lockers you should have left toyota open and hummer also.. but using a vehicle that is locked front and rear against vehicles that aren’t isn’t a good test. seeing how each vehicle does in an equal conditions & with equal modifications shows the real winner. But one with lockers front & rear will always beat ones that don’t. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. &the only guy that had a clue what he was doing was the one with lockers front and rear. the other two seem like they have never been offroading or not very much at all anyway. the rock at the top would have been a damn breeze if the guy in the hummer knew anything about how to offroad. when you need momentum climbing something, you do not wait till you hit it to try and gain momentum, you do it before and that showed how much those guys knew about offroading cause that is one of the most basic offroading tips.

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  5. Land Cruisers are IMO one of the top 3 4x4s. The front factory locker option is a Huge plus of course.  But overall the suspension articulation, and low range torque make it amazing even if it’s not lockered by factory.  They are permanent four wheel drive, and have the center locker.  I would say the only thing I changed on mine that was pretty important was I updated the front diff on my 98 to a 2000 sealed unit.

  6. wouldn’t a Toyota 4Runner would do good in this terrain?,They are awesome rock climbers,,no old range rovers?,How about a Suzuki Samurai?,lol

  7. this video is shit,my original ford ranger can do better than that,and i crossed a river with a all terrain tyres…

  8. I’ve owned Multiple off road vehicles, including different Jeep models, 4runner, Old Land Cruiser, and Hummer H2 & Hummer H3. The only vehicle not lifted and had LT tires was my H3. which I never let up on in my pastures, the mud, on the mountain or in the sand. by far it topped all the others. Of course everyone is gonna have a different opinion, but like you said you don’t want to mess your H3 up. Because it is costly, I sure know it all too well!!! However, I have a heavy foot and a no brake attitude. Give no hesitation and the H3 will perform the way you want it to and not how you expect it to!!! The more you use it as a garage ornament the more likely it’ll hang up like one too!!! But I agree it’s always nice to have a hooptie 4X4 to abuse!!! Have fun!!! Aloha from Kauai!!!

  9. Lockers makes the difference. Not make or model. Any off-roader knows that. Oh ya. Ground clearance and articulation. Not just because it’s a Jeep or Toyota.

  10. Why people all ways hating on the hummer in my opinion it a great off road vehicle.

  11. I clicked this thinking there was a real Hummer (HMMWV) in this video, not this rebodied trailblazer…I’m out.

  12. What a bunch of pixies you are! I could drive my old 1 ton work truck up there as slow as you guys go.

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