Land Rover Defender 4×4 Offroad Tuning

Land Rover Defender 4×4 Offroad Tuning

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Land Rover Defender 4×4 Offroad Tuning

16 Comments on “Land Rover Defender 4×4 Offroad Tuning”

  1. The baddest defender i see so wonder how much is the conversion from the stock to this..

  2. А где заказать такой можно и сколько припасти нужно?

  3. Well, I watched the whole video and waited for some kind of narration about offroad tuning, but it never came!

  4. Ребята, сколько такая прокачка стоит примерно , не подскажете?

  5. A lot of pretty stuff but how does it swim? Bring it to Costa Rica and we’ll tech it to back stroke with the best of them

  6. In Russia I think is one shop. But I also recognise some of the pieces, like the diff guards, are from COR4 in Italy. It’s a tuner called Corsetti. The paint it’s named LINE-X, a very good and cheaper version is the Raptor U-POL paint kit.

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