LEGO Coast Guard 4×4 & Diving Boat Set 60012 Review!

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LEGO Coast Guard 4×4 & Diving Boat Set 60012 Review!

33 Comments on “LEGO Coast Guard 4×4 & Diving Boat Set 60012 Review!”

  1. It’s a great set to put with all the other Coast Guard sets and build up a beach MOC, along with the “old” lighthouse Creator set! 

  2. I like the old Coast Guard series better (the Lego City series, not World City). The 4×4 + Jet Ski looked more appealing, in my opinion, and their helicopter was just bigger and better. The truck and raft looked great too. They didn’t have a cutter though… Did they?

  3. you got that set for £20 i got mine for £10     well i mean 20 bucks i live in england so we have pounds but you know same thing kind of

  4. hey man i have ordered this set  from Amazon it will be arriving day after tomorrow  i am excited to open the set i watched this video it so interersting so the set will be also interesting  man you cool my buoy bbb by

  5. Is there a very similar set to this that came out before 2013 because I got this set before 2013

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