Live Demonstration Of Subaru Forester And Outback’s 4×4 Symmetrical All Wheel Drive System

Live demonstration of Subaru Forester and Outback’s 4×4 symmetrical all wheel drive system. Filmed as part of Subaru’s Subarural off road events in 2012. Presented by Subarus professional driver Jason Sharpe
Live Demonstration Of Subaru Forester And Outback’s 4×4 Symmetrical All Wheel Drive System

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  1. this issn´t proving anything….
    well when you draging big boats and putting it in R your flywheel goes to hell and clutch

    you need speed or just buy a real 4×4 like 4L

  2. Great cars but is there a point in disguising the number plates?? If you were there, then you would see the reg. numbers, so its not a secret is it.

  3. Does this work also uphill (say on a standard mountain paved road with icy bits)? One wheel gets enough torque or does most of it get wasted against the breaked wheels?

    I mean it does sound fantastic: no lockable differentials but the same result of 1 wheel pulling the car out, but will it actually work?

  4. Would the same test perform as well with a mechanical gear box ? I understand this limited slip feature using the breaks is only available on CVT versions.

  5. I own a Subaru Forester, have owned an outback and Legacy and this test is bias for sure. Basically they are inherently front wheel drive bias cars. So yes power goes to all wheels but for sure it’s not equivalent as the front gets most of the power. Notice there is always a front wheel always has traction. On a icy drive way if both front wheels spin the back kicks in for sure lighting fast but honestly the back wheels dont get all the power they are just allowed more power but never more the 50%. Also if the test was reversed with one front wheel on the roller, it would have to work hard, a front and back on rollers on the same side I would doubt if it could get off. In short Subaru is awesome for light snow and ice, sort of sucks on everything else. I also have an Audi which is basically rwd basis and is not as quick on ice but once it locked down with power going to all wheels your good to go. Also way better in deeper snow and feels sporter. Which is better… Not sure, long steep icy drive way… Audi, patchy ice on a step drive way Subaru. Deep snow Audi, light snow Subaru. Slick water roads Subaru, gnarly muddy access road Audi. Gas milage vs power: Audi, car in bad weather that your mom will drive Subaru. Sports carish feels Audi. The list goes on and on, but I hope that helps people out there. But honestly if it’s that bad get an old school 4×4 with front and rear lockers.

  6. I cannot understand why people think Subaru needs lockers and 4L
    Its not build to go that much off road ?

  7. Make a goddamn crosstrek WRX with same engine etc. every single thing out of a 2017 or later impreza a wrx/STI and dump it into bloody crosstrek . Amazıing car, completely annoying slow/slow speed, annoying gear and engine. One WTX 2.0 liter and for EU, Asia etc market one 1.6 liter diesel and a 1.4 liter turbo, that is it. And get rid of that CVT. BMW, Toyota, Mercedes etc. all brands manages to make gear box dual clutch but also drives like hell on off road or single 6-7 speed clutch but still acts like dual clutch on road! Great car between forester and impreza a wrx/STI , since WRX does not have hatchback and not much utility, and forester is too big that unnecessary for many people and also looks too doll/feminine or like a accountant, soccer mom ec. car; crosstrek is right in between, looks great, reliable etc. but fucking too slow, too baggy, moves like 5 300 lbs obese American women sitting on the top of it.

  8. I have an issue with my Outback 2016. If I get a whole front stuck properly, even if rear tyres are on tarmac, they will not pull the car out. Try it the other way around on the same spot and it comes out with front pulling like threre’s no tomorrow. No problem at all. Subaru garage tell me all seems ro be fine. The actually have only one set of rollers there. I still cannot believe that. Quite annoyed at thw moment and trying to get to the bottom of it. It seems like power to rear is very limited compared with front. Not a happy chappy right now!

  9. If only they made the headgasket last longer than the car itself then maybe i buy one! But till then still a no!

  10. Any demonstration like this is pointless if you don’t have other vehicles to show how they perform doing the same test. It requires you to assume the Forrester can do it and no other car can when in fact they may also be able to do it.

  11. If the system had a lockable centre differential, it wouldn’t need to apply brakes to the three wheels spinning.

  12. One of the best cars,uno de los mejores tienen mucho espacio para trabajar en el motor!!

  13. Obviously this system works well and it is well known as one of the better systems. But unless there is something that I don’t know there is a major disadvantage. With a conventional differential if you bring brake one wheel then the other wheel will double it’s speed and halve the torque on that wheel. I suppose this is OK and maybe even an advantage on a slippery surface and on sand but if the only wheel with power cannot slip on a steep incline then there may not be enough available torque. In this case a conventional diff locker would be better as there would be no loss of torque.

  14. Would have been better to demonstrate limitation of older four wheel drive first that he was talking about before showing subaru demo on rollers.

  15. I don’t have any doubt about Subaru’s general performance. However I don’t like at all their 90’s looking

  16. The proper way to drive a subaru. Instead of the majority of idiot ricers and Toon Goons who think they know bout cars and end up rod knocking and blowing their engines while trying to do donuts. Damn shame they’re still alive today.

  17. I don’t get it. I’m not a car person so if I’m missing something please help me understand, but why aren’t most (all) cars equipped with this system and why do most auto makers act like this is foreign knowledge?

  18. Now days many other manufacturers have as good or better AWD systems. Has outback in the past, now Explorer ecoboost – same type system, but much stronger.

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