Mercedes 4×4 Vs Raptor – Top Gear Magazine

The brand new digital issue of Top Gear magazine features a ruddy great supercharged truck doing very muddy skids!

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Mercedes 4×4 Vs Raptor – Top Gear Magazine

15 Comments on “Mercedes 4×4 Vs Raptor – Top Gear Magazine”

  1. Not just Clarkson although he is the most humorous. its the whole gang that makes this show. As an american( top gear us sucks..trys to be like uk but with has no humor) I grew up watching them. it is still by far my favorite show as im almost 20 and still watch all the old episodes back to 2003 every night and it doesn’t ever get old. ive seen every episode tons of times. the greatest ideas ( reasonably priced car, top gear track lap tests , cheap cars, all the adventures that made this show) it wasn’t a serious motoring show but thats what made it entertaining. The BBC knows they made a mistake(most viewed show on bbc) but I thank them for introducing this show to us. Have fun with Matt laboring top gear. NOW ON TO THE GRAND TOUR later BBC thanks AMAZON.

  2. I’ll take the raptor anyday, one repair on the benz will cost about half of the Raptor’s price.

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