Muddin 4×4 Original Country Song

Good riding/mudding song.. play it loud and proud at your next outing!! Audio/video and music by Dale Rogers of South Range Studios. Written and performed by Tim Weidow
This song is available for purchase at:
Muddin 4×4 Original Country Song

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  1. you can keep your cars on the road im going mudding????? Wel what about us who take our normal everyday cars out and go mudding, my car sometimes beats the full blown mud trucks, so suck it!

  2. How do I buy this song? Non-video? I have a Mud Bog event Sept 2nd 2012, that I am announcing! This would ROCK!!!

  3. Weidow1 is my original youtube channel, come there and message me your email address and I’ll send “Muddin” to you…..Glad you like it 🙂 You can also check out some of my other original songs if you like

  4. I just watched this video and every single guy gets stuck. I know how to do this for real. None of this race course stuff. Boring. Do it for real losers. It is fun.

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  6. Case ur probley some broke nigger u don’t realize we live in the south. YEE YEE. Southern pride

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