Ironman Suspension


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On street or off the beaten track, Australia’s first selection for 4×4 Suspension and Accessories is Ironman 4×4. Whether you utilize your 4×4 as a household or within an off street explorer, Ironman 4×4 has the goods which will provide the comfort and security you will need.

Ironman 4×4 goods are developed in the harshest proving ground on earth, Australia. Found in over 120 nations. For more than 50 years customers have put their faith at Ironman 4×4 since Ironman 4×4 provides quality and value for the money.

Ironman 4×4 provide a complete integrated selection of suspension kits, layouts that have evolved over 50 decades of suspension encounter.

Ironman 4×4 recognise that there’s not any single solution useful for your varying demands of 4×4 owners and various driving conditions, hence Ironman 4×4 provide a broad collection of matched parts, once fitted may change the automobile around the motorists needs.


4x4 adventures• ALL LEAF SPRING KITS CONTAIN: Springs, Shock Absorbers, Ubolts and Bushes.
• ALL COIL SPRING KITS CONTAIN: Springs and Shock Absorbers.

Ironman 4×4 also provide various optional elements further improving suspension functionality or geometry correction functions. Such elements include Greasable Shackles & Pins, Steering Damper, Caster Correction, Trim Packers, Suspension Arms.


• Suspension

• Bullbars

• Rated Recovery Points

• Side Protection And Steps

• Lights

• 12v Electric Wenches

• Snorkels

• Tailored Canvas Seats

• Canopies

• Tents

camping gear

• Drawer Units

• Rear Protection Tow Bars

• Tow Bars

• Tow Bar Wiring

• UTE Liners

• Roof Racks

• Long Range Fuel Tanks

• Underbody Protection

• Air Compressors

• Recovery Equipment

• Auto Electric Products

• Dual Battery Systems

• 12v Fridges

• Camping

• Water Tanks

• Rooftop Cargo

• Storage

• Exhaust Systems

• Fishing Gear

• Fleet Mining Solutions

• Diff Breathers

• Maps, Books, DVD’s

• Rear Sports Bars