RC HPI Wheely King 4×4 (RTR – Zakladni Verze (stock Version))

R/C HPI Wheely King 4×4 – 1:12, RTR verze bez uprav
– video Crawler conversion set (HPI Wheely King 4×4 – od stocku po crawlera)
RC HPI Wheely King 4×4 (RTR – Zakladni Verze (stock Version))

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  1. Ice shadow67 ur opinion sucks traxxas is ok for monster trucks but the hpi savahe flux hp blows all thouse trucks away even the erevo the traxxas tmaxx and emaxx are a waste of money for 400 bucks for an electric mt its brushed first of all second of all it breaks like glass as long with the tmaxx they break easy the tmaxx even sucks the motor is weak its a 3.3 for an 8th scatle come on now the savage 4.6 is 400 bucks and even that kicks ass even the old esavage which is like an emaxx brushed is better because of price and durability so I think my point is proven hpi dosent suck and I can bet u have never a savage of a blitz or even a brushless buggy from them cause all the people I know who had a hpi product loved there cars and they actualy last oh and traxxas motors burn out alot there electronics suck except the vxl systems there ok

  2. Oh and for the dude who made this vid im glad to see u haveing fun but if u want to have the time of ur life with an rc get the savage flux hp

  3. haha…. traxxas is better with monster trucks? look again the wheely king is 4×4 the traxxas is 4×2

  4. this video got me in to the hobby grade rc cars and trucks thanks komaar367

  5. this is so bad. you have to go in reverse then forward to pop a wheelie… this thing has no power??

  6. Awesome vid. Does it have 4 wheel drive? And also does it have 2 speed transmission?

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