Sedona Off Road Jeep Rentals

Renting Off Road Vehicles In Sedona

my old CJ5We packed up our gear over Christmas break and headed out to Sedona to check out the Red Rocks and to enjoy the sun. There were moments on the trip that I wish I had my CJ-5 but I left it at home in exchange for a comfortable drive there in my Suburban. Three of us packed the Suburban with drones and guns and set out for an adventure that we will not soon forget. We initially had wanted to do a Pink Jeep tour but felt that would be too lame for our liking, we work hard, and we play hard, so being chauffeured around in a Pink Jeep didn’t sound very appealing. There were other Jeep rental companies in the area that offered tours like Barlow and another rental company, but when I set my eyes on a MYE Jeep off road rental I about crapped my pants. This thing was already fitted to handle the terrain in comfort and style. There were three of us along for the excursion, so the four door option was super legit. We were able to get all our gear in the back and set out on an off road adventure in style. The Jeep had a built in GPS system that had already been pre-programmed for various trail heads. There were navigation options for the following trails.


Off Road Trails In Sedona

Schnebly Hill Road

Outlaw Trail

Oak Creek Trail

Diamondback Gulch

Van Deren Cabin Trail

Soldiers Pass

Broken Arrow Trail

House Mountain Trail

The navigation system had some really cool features that allowed us to keep track of our journey. polaris at red rocksIf you haven’t been out to Sedona, Arizona and are considering an outdoor excursion this is definitely the place. Some of the trail are definitely for advanced drivers with equipped 4×4 vehicles to handle the terrain. If you live in AZ and can make the trip with your own 4×4 then you don’t have to worry about a rental. If you are from out of state like us then you will want to consider an off road rental like a Jeep or a Polaris Razor. This just depends on you and what you want out of the tour. If you want to crawl at slow speeds, pull over and explore than a Jeep is perfect. It will also allow you to travel at decent speeds along the trail without falling far behind. The other option is a razor rental. While they are smaller and a little louder than a Jeep, the are very quick and comfortable rides. Exploring Sedona in a Razor is definitely on my bucket list. This time around however we opted in for a Jeep rental and explored in that.


Schnebly Hill Road Map


Outlaw Trail Map


Oak Creek Trail Map