Suzuki Extreme 4×4 Challenge 2017 TV3 Ep 1

The Suzuki Extreme 4×4 Challenge is created and hosted by CowperTrucks. This is part 1 of 2 aired on NZ’s TV3 CRC Motorsport show..
Suzuki Extreme 4×4 Challenge 2017 TV3 Ep 1

30 Comments on “Suzuki Extreme 4×4 Challenge 2017 TV3 Ep 1”

  1. Someone should go through these and cut out the parts with the driving only and then reupload that. I aint watching this shit. Just want to see driving.

  2. The thing i don’t like is if you get ahead you go first and the people that go first always rack up the highest points because they are using the fresh course. Meaning unless you get a lucky break on the first couple you won’t ever win

  3. What are the passengers with the 4 handles infronts job? Do the handles control the shocks?

  4. very cool stuff! would have liked to actually see the trucks doing the course tho. rather than all the cam switching and driver face time lol. Just a nice over head cam would be good and maybe some doubled ground lvl action.

  5. So stupid. That just pissed me off. At least give them paddle tires if your going to make them run rock tires in mud. Bunch of idiots running the show.

  6. There’s a reason no one was able to finish the course on the last water pit. At least make the course passable not impassable.

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