TECH: 4×4 And AWD And FWD Cars For Uphill Test

Toyota Hilux, Allroad, Outback, Tucson, Ranger, Sportage, Maxima.
TECH: 4×4 And AWD And FWD Cars For Uphill Test

34 Comments on “TECH: 4×4 And AWD And FWD Cars For Uphill Test”

  1. so a tucson performed better than a hilux and a máxima better than a terrano, u serious??

  2. Was the Sportage not given enough gas? There wasn’t any wheel spin, or was it interfered by traction control?

  3. of course the sportage didnt spin all four wheels it doesnt even have 4×4 or even a limited slip diff for that matter!! learn ya shit before you hate on a video which looks like some fun

  4. With AWD, you stay on the gas! Don’t back off the microsecond you lose traction. The AWD system needs time to find traction to the wheels with more grip.

  5. 2 things u only need for an off rosd vehicle may it be a 4×4 or 4×2 is a high ground clearance and locking differential.

  6. driving through the same ruts that other cars deepend and loosened up = dumb, no offroad skills

  7. To the ranger, Hilux, allroad, And outback driver. Ranger, please put in low range lock the rear differential and don’t let go off the gas pedal. Hilux, do the same as ranger. Allroad, put it on low range (yes, the first generation allroad has one) and keep the throttle and if you fail try turning off your traction control and ESP. Outback, do the same as allroad but sadly you don’t have low range. The others are crap

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