Top Gear — Britains Best 4X4 (1998)

Because of the fact that I didn’t found this video on youtube anymore and that I downloaded it when it still was there on youtube, i thought: lets upload it ..
Jeremy Clarksons compares some well know 4×4:
in order:
1. Range Rover 2. Nissan Patrol 3. Ford Explorer 4. Isuzu Trooper 5. Jeep Grand Cherokee 6. Toyota Landcruiser (100)
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Top Gear — Britains Best 4X4 (1998)

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  1. very fair range rovers are good until air suspension electrics and everything else drops to bits troopers and landcruisers are the dogs bollocks

  2. He says that all the time (he even has a special about why Japanese cars are taking over the world); it’s American cars he doesn’t like

  3. 5. Isuzu Trooper 4. Isuzu Rodeo 3. Isuzu Amigo 2. Isuzu VX 1. Isuzu Pickup.

    The top five 4×4’s.

  4. Jeremy still uses that strange way of talking!  He has got worse and the others try to copy him…
    To the person moaning about caption boxes – you can stop them being displayed if you look through your settings and adjust them slightly.

  5. They didnt review the Jeep for a reason. They know its a better value than the RRover….Even BRITS know that. Thats why they sell so many jeeps in the UK. Jeremy is notorious for this. A few years later he did “climb to the top of mountain” in the US. Putting the Rover against “Americas Best 4×4’s” …..a Hummer H2 and a freaking Escalade(a truck NOT meant for serious off road but he played it up as such) And where was the Grand Cherokee?? Big surprise.. Nowhere to be seen. What a dipshit.

  6. Well if you actually properly 4×4 not this piddly ass shit they shown and did, you don’t want any of those ifs 4x4s. Even that IFS cruiser he thought was best would be destroyed off road SAS cruiser and patrol. Trust me i’m an Aussie, like he said, we know all there is about off roading (proper off roading).

  7. haven’t watched it yet don’t really need to. just a guess based on every damn episode involving suvs Jeremy likes the land rover best

  8. Range Rover is unreliable in the States. They aren’t known to last very long, even new ones

    are the ones in Europe like that as well?

  9. Having had a 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited and a 2003 Land Rover Discovery, I would go with the Grand Cherokee living in the USA. Better MPGs, less breaking down/maintenance, and I thought the styling of the Grand Cherokee was better. Although, I will admit that the Discovery would go anywhere… and I mean anywhere… until the engine blew up on it.

  10. I had an encounter on the IAA 1999. I just sat down in a Range Rover, when a man adressed me by asking: “Are you interested in buying one?” I was a bit confused, because on car shows you always sit down in cars without a closer interest in it. He carried on: “Don’t buy it. I have one. It always breaks down.” So, this owner of a Range Rover obviously spent the day at the Frankfurt Motor Show to prevent people from buying Range Rovers.

  11. Nissan Patrol GR,Toyota Land Cruiser,Isuzu Trooper са за истински офроуд

  12. I’ve had my rangey for 12 years, used most days,and off roading. never failed to get me home from trips to Europe ect. very reliable. the trick is to stay on top of the maintenance.

  13. I’ll take a 1997 to 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ all day over anything they showed

  14. I really don’t understand why he says the Patrol is bumpy…. i have one my self and i have no issues. Does not shake my lungs out at all.

  15. The Land Cruiser 100 series GREATLY outclasses, outperforms, and most importantly – OUTLIVES all of these.

    edit: The patrol Y61 is the only thing that comes close. But is not quite there either.

  16. Kinda confused as to why theyre using the td28t (2.8 turbo) in the nissan patrol..
    They came with td42t (4.2 turbo)..

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