TOYOTA HILUX OFFROAD 4×4 (MORExtreme). Malaysia

Videos together Hilux Tuner Club Malaysia (HTCM) uploaded by MORExtreme

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TOYOTA HILUX OFFROAD 4×4 (MORExtreme). Malaysia

16 Comments on “TOYOTA HILUX OFFROAD 4×4 (MORExtreme). Malaysia”

  1. “vendo toyota hilux, impecable, usada solamente los domingos para ir de casa a la iglesia “

  2. the first car is a case of more money than intelligence. he flew up there way too fast in a car that is more than capable of making it up there at crawling speed. it wont be long before he breaks some cvs, shreds a diff centres or rolls it. he should take some lessons on driving from the 2nd hilux

  3. صدق لا قالو هلي الي مايولي يا لبييييييييه ولله انه عز

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