Toyota Tacoma 4×4

Attempting to get up this rock and prove that this isnt a latte boy truck
Toyota Tacoma 4×4

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  1. Fuck I miss my Tacoma. I had the same one expect it was an extended cab and not the double. 

  2. double cab is where its at i would take my first gen over the second gen any day i love its narrow body it just looks so sick i sold my sing cab 2.7 167-hp 5 speed and threw money on top to get my double cab it maroon type color not my fave but allot of people tell me they like the color, but anyway its an amazing truck all stock, very capable just as any 4wd Toyota to bad sas were discontinued but gotta work with what ya got sas is but maybe a Little better b/c it has stock trd lockers any suggestions on where i should start for building this truck? i’m on a minimum wage budget any info  would be great i dont wanna go cheap so i know i wont be able to throw a sick arb bumper on it right away or sas or total chaos but when i do save enough what would be best for slick rock crawling and a nice big lift but not to big to the point i ts center of grav gets jacked, i like the total chaos  suspension kit but not sure if that would work for slick rock such as moab terrain but if it does please let me know what a good setup could be for my 02 dub cab w/ rear factory lockers i don’t know where to start,
    THANKS!, my fellow Tacoma lovers i will really appreciate your input or opinion, etc, 


  3. Is your truck manual? I have a 2007 double cab 4 by 4 manual. Can it it do this too. Onset question before I go and break something expensive.

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