VW Touareg V10TDI Off Road 4×4

Volkswagen Touareg Traction:

VW Touareg – playing in the mud – 04:

VW Touareg – playing in the mud – 05:

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VW Touareg V10TDI Off Road 4×4

29 Comments on “VW Touareg V10TDI Off Road 4×4”

  1. A very accomplished vehicle. I am not sure the driver knows the difference between use and abuse. Does he own it?I doubt it very much.

  2. The last Touareg, the suspension were air suspensions?
    Or arch suspensions? Can anyone help me out??

  3. Big fan of the vehicle, but that climbing up the rock bit was the dumbest shit ever. You knew it could do it, we all did. But you physically tried it anyway. What a dumb ass! I clicked the video because the little picture showed me an asshat with more dollars then cents abusing a nice rig, figure click bate. But Sure Enough here we have an ASSHAT

  4. I will subscribe everyone who subscribes me and confirms me on the coment .My channel its about cars . Thank very much .

  5. I love all the folks on here complaining and whining. “dO YoU HaTe YoUr CaaAaAaAArRr?” Turds. It’s a 4×4 turbodiesel. *Real* folks who enjoy wheeling with their 4×4’s put their vehicles through a lot more abuse than this. “YoU KnEw It CouLd CliMb Duh Rock, WhY DO It?!” To prove it.

    Y’all should go buy a leather-clad, old-timey woodgrained sedan if you feel this way. Otherwise, shut the hell up.

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