Washing Your 4×4 Vehicle 10 Tips

Washing your 4×4 vehicle 10 Tips, this video came about due to multiple requests. I have been asked ‘how do you get all the mud off each week?’ & ‘how do you wash the salt water off the vehicle’?
Well here are my top 10 tips which I use each time I clean my Landcruiser.
INOX 3 how I use it: I spray everything else apart from the following; grease points, brakes, moving parts of the suspension (i still spay the none moving parts), ball joins etc. Easier to say not to spray moving parts where it can interfere with grease and oils.

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Washing Your 4×4 Vehicle 10 Tips

16 Comments on “Washing Your 4×4 Vehicle 10 Tips”

  1. Always take an extra doller and wash away the mud you left behind , the guys at my locals have a shovel stashed away near bins he said just scrap the chunks into that because sometimes the chunks clog up the pipelines so i always make sure i dont leave to much a mess

  2. Why are people here in the comments convinced that spraying down a warm engine will cause manifolds, heads, and blocks to crack from the thermal shot?? What do you do when you are out mudding and off roading in the first place? You drive a hot engine through cold water and mud!

  3. Good videos. Have always used diy carwashes (I just call them carwash, cause I don’t know any other), and you gave really good tips. The only thing I would add, be careful with your skin, cuz I once shredded a big line of skin from my arm by rushing and not being careful. I enjoyed the vid.

  4. whats a good way to clean your inside after going through a water crossing? i got bogged and some water got in, now my car stinks and i been scrubbing it like crazy still no good

  5. Excellent video, great tip regarding chassis washing, and the care needed not to blast the protection off, it amazing how many people do not believe a pressure washer can remove paint or under seal. Hopefully this will educate them!

  6. Hi mate always wanted to know if you needed to cover anything while washing the engine bay. Mine is a 5l 99 hilux?

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