What’s Underneath The Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared?

Take a look under the portal-axled Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4 Squared? A lot of weird mechanical business. Who better to translate all that stuff than Jonathan Ward, maker of awesome ICON 4x4s. With The/DRIVE’s West Coast editor, Chris Cantle.

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What’s Underneath The Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared?

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  1. This looks like a truck to take it to a offroad camping trip but all the electronics and stuff just is crap. Im a huge merc fan but idk what they want with this car?

  2. john being a dick again. portal axles are not set any higher in the chassis that stock axles. if they loose any up travel, as in 1 inch, its because they are bigger and stronger such as replacing a dana 44 with a 60. stock g class don’t have anymore up travel and an fj certainly doesnt have much especially in stock form. then he says not for me. he says he is an old school guy. well john this is the same Puch AusGerman Jeep copy it always was going back to the early 70s development. its amazing and the newest, baddest and most refined version just like a defender is the same as a series IIa and a jeep tj/yj is the same as the cj2a. poor fj cruiser can’t claim any relation to the 40 other than the grille design. get a sense of heritage. thank god he doesnt like these and nissian patrols and old rovers. keep you hands off them so real auctual common folk can afford them..

  3. why not just buy a G63 ($150k) and put a lift kit on it? the 4×4 is around $250k

  4. You that a wrap or a factory color. ? Seriously. Mb has always has unique colors that are rare as funk

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