4×4 Heaven

Power Mud Water 4×4 Fun
DVD Available email: skidick@yahoo.com
4×4 Heaven

24 Comments on “4×4 Heaven”

  1. Co- pilot:” Why are you driving so fast?”
    Driver: ” This fucking dump truck is right on my ass!”

  2. driver of yellow chevy’s thoughts before building yellow chevy… “dude.. lets put that 900 horse big block thats in our rail in my stepside, and take it to the hill climbs, just for fun!”

  3. you can do well two ways by buying all the best parts or having the right skills and you dont need the biggest truck on the block to git-r-done lol

  4. That jeep is either a small v8 or a nicely setup v6. That green dodge however might have a big block. That thing was boogie-Ing.

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