Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips

Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips. This video is for those who have just bought a 4WD (new or used) or just starting out Off-roading. The video will help you with some pointers about your specific vehicle which are a must know before you 4WD.
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Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips

6 Comments on “Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips”

  1. I have been watching your videos all night and I learned a lot so far, thank you. If you have any advice or can point me in a right direction, I would really appreciate it.

    I have a 2000 f150 xlt 4×4 that has stock recovery points on the front. Should I replace thede factory ones with something better?

    I would love to buy a winch but havent figured it how to mount it with a stock bumper in the way. Is useing a hijack lift as a manual winch a good idea? Seems like it could go wrong more ways than I can imagine.

  2. if you don’t have to unlock the hubs why don’t they come permanently locked from the factory or why would you ever unlock them???

  3. Your videos are straight to the point with plenty of information to back it up… keep up the good work

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