31 Comments on “4×4 Mud”

  1. Everybody’s looking at the trucks, but that was a super sweet 80’s cadillac they kept running over, too bad.

    Please check out my page, I just had an article in Off-Road Magazine, we did a brake upgrade on Jerrod Jones’ Dodge pickup, he did the article and I shot the video of it. The booster upgrade gives more assurance on complex grades, and severely cuts down on rotor heat. Thanks.

  2. and if you think about it, no one would ever even think of going dear mud like this if they just walked up on it…

  3. 2 the guy walking on tire of white chevy be glad it wasnt me driving….. BRAKE CHECK!

  4. Like the video, but could do without the YouTube national anthem playing in the back. IT SUCKS!

  5. Rednecks in Canada to ? 🙂
    A little bit too high on the lifting, but still some nice looking 4×4 trucks…

  6. Why run over amaerican and canadian iron like a caprice and a malibu why not jap crap instead thats the only thing that pissed me off.

  7. Thank you SHITUBE for addin this queer music and ruining this video. FUCK RUPERT MURDOCH!! DIE already you old ass man

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