4×4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong

Part 2: – Jase & Simon get into a sticky situation, and it all goes from bad to worse when the tide changes. However the worst is yet to come when the recovery goes wrong!

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4×4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong

38 Comments on “4×4 Recovery Goes Seriously Wrong”

  1. Why didn’t he just use the winch to pull them both out at the same time, a winch on a jeep should be able to carry 18000 lbs, unless they were being cheap when they bought the winch.

  2. Should have just flipped the car the other way and used it as a boat

  3. everyones bagging these blokes nobodys watched the show they know there shit do yourself a favour and check them out first

  4. uhmm hey you yuppies you had a winch atree ahead of you and straps…??? …. never thought to hook winch to tree straps to stuck truck/s and use your winch to pull out trucks???

  5. I would have loved to be a cameraman. don’t help just laugh quietly, and keep filming these two winners.

  6. Station owner has a heap of 4WDs and camping gear from sending campers out to that ‘fake’ fishing spot. Bwaaa haaa haaaaa Take the Dozer out and bring back their gear Boys.

  7. Pull it upright with the two buggy’s maybe? Then leave the the bogged truck in neutral and use the the two buggy’s and the truck to pull the bogged one????????? Wishful thinking but worth a poke.

  8. Could you not anchor the one truck to winch the other one out with I mean he winched the second truck

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