80 Series Landcruiser 4×4 Deep Water Crossing, NT

Very Deep water Crossing by an 80 series Land Cruiser in the Northern Territory.Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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80 Series Landcruiser 4×4 Deep Water Crossing, NT

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  1. Holy shit, you guys down there get a cloudy day and everything is under a meter of water! need more hills. How often do you change the axle fluids and such or are they all vented up high?

  2. How did you do to distribuidor doesnt gets wet or the sparkplug wires ? wow , very incredible land cruiser

  3. for the first 30 seconds i though thats not deep, then they started floating, then paddling, then treading water. Huge respect but i would have had someone ready on the other side with a winch line just in case.

  4. If you go to deep water watch out for a log that will drown you a tree shape with no leaves on A sea

  5. Да, это натуральный японец! Я полагаю в стоковом варианте, без всяких наворотов и доработок. Для людей делают!

  6. Nice video till you used profane language. Really, abusing the Lord’s name like that? If you are a non believer, at least have common respect.

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