Deadmau5 4×4=12 (Continuous Mix) FULL 1 Hour 9 Mins


0:00 Some Chords
8:04 Sofi needs a ladder
13:36 A City In Florida
18:41 bad selection
23:42 Animal Rights
28:40 I said
34:33 Cthulhu sleeps
44:32 Right this second
51:57 Raise your weapon
1:00:15 One trick pony
1:03:49 Everything before
Deadmau5 4×4=12 (Continuous Mix) FULL 1 Hour 9 Mins

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  1. 4×4 = 12…1+2= 3 – 3 tips… mean like a triangle…. UHMMMMMM…. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED !!!!!

  2. XD People its the songs name XP god damn stop doing math and just rock out to this bad ass beats? read it god damn

  3. “4×4=12 (Four Times Four Equals Twelve) is the fifth album by Canadian electronic artist deadmau5 (his third mainstream album). It was released worldwide (except in the U.S.) on 6 December 2010 through Virgin Records. The album was released in the United States on 7 December 2010 through Ultra Records. The album’s name references an incident on deadmau5’s Ustream channel, where viewers mistakenly said that his live setup of four banks of four “equals twelve”.”

  4. What’s the song called on 13:50 can’t remember can anyone help ?
    I’m also looking for the one where he talks and answers with “yeah!” HELP !!!

  5. Hm.. So many things I can do with the amount of likes, hmm…

    3 x 3 = 9 = Half Life 3 x Portal 3 = Microsoft took over.
    69 in the middle..
    Meh, screw it. Let’s face the facts, HL 3 will never happen, and Portal 3 is seriously unlikely.

  6. Okay, time to talk Half Life 3.

    1: It’s not happening, shut up.
    2: Viewers mistakenly said four banks of four were 12, thus the title of this album was born.

  7. Too many Half Life 3 jokes
    So original guys
    three letters in wow
    three words in “so original guys”
    Half Life 3 still isn’t confirmed by this.

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