EarthRoamer XV-SLT Diesel 4×4 Expedition RV

Definitely one of the nicest off road RV’s I have ever seen in person. This model was top of the line and outfitted with gear that could allow you to live off the grid for months.

All that capability and self reliance comes with a price though…starting price is about 0,000+

Yes its pricey but you have to remember this is an alternative to the million dollar “pavement only” motor coaches that you see at every NASCAR race, drag strip, dirt bike race, Trophy Truck race, NFL parking lot, RV park and movie set.

At least this RV can keep going when the road ends.

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EarthRoamer XV-SLT Diesel 4×4 Expedition RV

14 Comments on “EarthRoamer XV-SLT Diesel 4×4 Expedition RV”

  1. The manufacturer is laughing all the way to the bank. How do the sum of all parts add up to half a million? Look at the boring ceiling and the cheaply done bathroom. Its ok but cheaply done for half a million. A real hose job for half a million.

  2. If I had the money… I would buy this.. and live in it for the rest of my life.

  3. Way to expensive. I’ve designed and am building a prototype modular overland RV system with the same extended off grid capabilities as this and the Global X vehicles with a higher passenger capacity. The final sale price will be around $150,000 which will include the chassis. Hopefully will be ready for production in 8 to 12 months. Hopefully can let a lot more people afford one of these incredible vehicles .

  4. to much stuff to go wrong when you’re far away from anything but I suspect this sort of rig appeals more to those that want to show up for a weekend with the most expensive ford pick up on the planet.

  5. News flash… People that make millions that can afford this; don’t want to fuckn live off grid… hahahaha

  6. I like the fact that Earth Roamer up grades to military 46 inch wheels and tires. All the other 4 WD motor homes have may pop at anytime tires.

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  8. Fuck this rip off truck. For the RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS price of it, you can get TWO 2017 Duramax Isata 5 and have money left over enough to drive both Isatas across USA…… Bwaahahahahha

  9. I think I’d just buy a welder and build my own for far less than 525,000! Mabee they meant Monopoly money though! That or they have far better drugs were they are from !

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