Extreme Power Wheels Jeep Pulling Real Jeep 4×4!

This is our little experiment to see how much our modified Power Wheels Jeep would pull – so we hooked it up to Dan’s heavily modified real Jeep 4×4 (lifted with 33″ Mud tires, etc). The Powerwheels Jeep is running on a 18AH 12v battery. It makes for nice long run times under heavy load. This will be converted over to 24v when my kids master driving it in its current configuration. This PW Jeep is about 10 years old, its rigged with working marker lights, been repainted white, and features my own custom traction bands on the tires. It will also be lifted eventually with a steel frame under it. WATCH THE VIDEO RESPONSE – IT SHOULD REMOVE YOUR DOUBT.
Extreme Power Wheels Jeep Pulling Real Jeep 4×4!

29 Comments on “Extreme Power Wheels Jeep Pulling Real Jeep 4×4!”

  1. It’s not real someone’s inside the jeep there’s no way a power wheel can pull the jeep

  2. Ninguém sabe que tinha gente no grande andando a corda chega ia quase solta

  3. Hello there,

    I work for JPExtreme. We are the worlds largest Jeep community. I came across your video and would love to use it.

    It’s the video of the little girl pulling the big Jeep!

    How will this benefit you?

    We will credit you in the video caption along with a link in the comments linking our fans back to your Youtube Channel.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Have a great day.


  4. I call bs, obviously you can see the cgi jeep in there, it originally was a prius with a green screen background. LOL. GREAT VIDEO!

  5. Fake someone is pushing it or driving it slowly you can tell beacuase there is no tension in the rope

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