How To Solve The 4×4 Rubik’s Cube (Part 1)

Part 2 is here:

The Gabbasoft download is here:

(Sorry for all the advertising clutter on there. The main website was shut down for some reason.)
Algorithms Used:
2R 2U 2D 2R
R 2U 2R 2F R
R Fi U Ri F
2R 2B 2U L 2U Ri 2U R 2U 2F R 2F Li 2B 2R
2Uu 2Ll 2U 2l 2U 2Ll 2Uu

Note, I lost one of the pieces in smashing video. But luckly, I ordered the part I lost from Cubesmith so that I could get free shipping. It’s one of the orange white edges so the shading of the color is a little off.

Like to learn how to take it apart? Click here:

More solving tutorials are here in my playlist:

How To Solve The 4×4 Rubik’s Cube (Part 1)

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  1. Dude, just an fyi cuz it sounded like you hinted towards it, but mixing it up like a 3 by 3 wont create parodies because you arent using the 4 by 4 moves. To anyone who has a 4 by 4 but no 3 by 3: you can only twist the outer layers to use it as a 3 by 3 and it will always work

  2. So basically the four by four centres are u just solve a 2×2 first layer for every side

  3. Thank you so much pi!!!! The switching center algorithm was soooo helpful I know you haven’t been posting curbing videos lately . I highly encourage you to keep posting because you are an amazing person. I would also like to try to make some time to maybe skype/meet up with you!!! Thanks sooooo much pi. If you also would like to meet up with me. Please comment back!!!! Ps I am also a major cuber. Thanks pi


  5. am I the only one who kept hearing his voice crack on a constant stream

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