How To Solve The 4×4 Rubik’s Cube (Tutorial – Learn In 25 Minutes)

Easiest Beginner Tutorial for solving the 4×4 Rubik’s Cube!

~~Looking for a 4×4 cube? Pick one up here:

Hope this helps and happy cubing!

———————-VIDEO NAVIGATION———————
Original 3×3 Tutorial:
Top White Center: 04:05
Bottom Yellow Center: 06:55
First Side Center: 10:03
Second Side Center: 10:47
Final Two Side Centers: 14:21
Edge Building: 15:35
Final Three Edges: 22:42
Edge Parities: 26:05
Corner Parities: 28:36

Once you finish this tutorial, I recommend you scramble your cube and then solve it again more slowly, following these Additional Help videos in order:

Full, ordered Additional Help Playlist:

Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :
Additional Help :

————PARITY FORMULAS——————————
I strongly recommend you watch my Additional Help video, but if you prefer this, here are the different formulas you can memorize:

1. Edge Parity (My Way): r’ U ² l F ² l’ F² r ² U ² r U ² r’ U ² F ² r ² F ²

2. Edge Parity (Standard Formula): r ² B ² U ² l U ² r ‘ U ² r U ² F ² r F ² l ‘ B ² r ²

3. Edge Parity (SpeedCubing): (R ² r ²) B ² U ² (L l) U ² (R’ r ‘) U ² (R r) U ² F ² (R r) F ² (L ‘ l ‘) B ² (R ² r ²)

4. Corner Parity: r ² U ² r ² U ² u ² r ² u ²

Ever since you solved your Rubik’s Cube, you’ve spent hours trying to figure out what to do next. Now at last, you’ve discovered the solution: The 4×4 Rubik’s Revenge! You’ve come to the right place. Within fifteen minutes I an teach you how to solve this world renowned puzzle so you can go and show off to your friends. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

If you learned to solve the cube after this video, like it and leave me a comment!

If you had problems, let me know, or better yet, post a video response with what your cube looks like.

Let me know what Puzzle I should do next!

Thanks and have a great time!

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How To Solve The 4×4 Rubik’s Cube (Tutorial – Learn In 25 Minutes)

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  1. Whats the worst that can happen, i snapped a piece of the block while going to fast… now it can not be placed back cause its in half

  2. I have cubing in 2 years and my bested time is 47 second…my favrite puzzle is megaminx

  3. 15:40 the answer is that my favorite one is the 2×2 and my best time for a 3×3 is 1 min and 43 seconds

  4. I’ve been cubing for about 7 months, my favourite puzzle is the skewb and my best time is 1 minute 10

  5. the in the 2×2 corner parady put the 2 corners in the back and do U’ R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L U’ and i genuinely found it out by my self, no joke

  6. great tutorial, but when it get to edges i truly lost you a couple of times cause even though you have completed the edges, you didn’t realign them thus i get confused of its purpose at first.

  7. I have been cubing for last 3 – 4 months . My best time with 3x3is around 3 minutes..

  8. Uggggghhhh some one help me my cube is like

    Yellow blue. Yellow red
    Yellow red. Yellow blue

  9. I’ve been cubing for about one year, and my best time on the 3×3 is 1 minute and 15 seconds.

  10. Also, for the centers at the 1st step of the video, there is an algorithm to swap the top right middle piece on the top and the down back middle piece of the right side.
    The Algorithm: u2’ r2’ u2 R’ u2’ r2 u2 R

  11. Im Sorry, But This Is The Worst Tutorial I Have Ever Seen About A 4×4. You Are Fidgeting With The Cube As You Speak, And You’re Movements Are Unclear.

  12. My fav is the 3×3 Bc it’s the easiest to me my PB is 43.8 secs (Ik its slow) and cubing for 4 months

  13. My fastest 3×3 time is 52 seconds with the beginners method which made me really proud and I’m even gonna try and learn CFOP from you.

  14. 3 by 3 and 4 by 4 both are very nice videos, in fact i made the 3 by 3 in just 2 days after practicing it by your video………really nice.

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