Toyota HiLux D4D 4×4 Impressions

Toyota Hilux double/cab pickup 4×4 impressions from
Toyota HiLux D4D 4×4 Impressions

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  1. Good branding but giving a bad spec. Need to replace timing belt on time. Steel fuel tank and it’s hanging below the frame instead of sitting on the frame. Chassis is thin and 7 cross link only. Same engine block as the 2KD-FTV only different on the piston and turbo. Unstable ride, bumpy and floating when highspeed and cornering. The back is high and hard to reversing car. Front brake only single piston caliper and small pads as well as rear small drums. Small size axle and wishbone arms. It’s

  2. @reviva2003 triton has NOTHING on one of these…not saying its a shit vehicle, but you’re better off paying a tad more and getting absolute QUALITY, DURABILITY and just plain awesomeness!!! 🙂

  3. @nawras94al However, you won’t have to take them to the mechanics every 2 weeks, and they’re rock solid.
    For these reason you can resell them at a fair price as well, then you don’t really pay more than the competitors.

  4. the engine on the 2005-present Toyota Hilux/ Toyota Hilux Vigo/ Guangzhou Toyota Hilux
    2.0 L 100 kW (134 hp) I4 1TR-FE
    2.5 L 75 kW (101 hp) I4 2KD-FTV turbo diesel only
    2.5 L 88 kW (118 hp) I4 2KD-FTV intercooled turbo diesel
    2.5 L 106 kW (142 hp) I4 2KD-FTV intercooled VN turbo diesel
    2.7 L 118 kW (158 hp) I4 2TR-FE
    3.0 L 127 kW (170 hp) I4 1KD-FTV intercooled VN turbo diesel
    4.0 L 176 kW (236 hp) 1GR-FE V6

  5. toyota today are just not that good.. i was a toyota fan all my life. When i test drove the hilux i hated it instantly. I hated the dull interior. the ride comfort, even rear leg room. Once i drove the NEw Mitsubishi l200 WOW> it was vast difference. ITs a awesome truck i love.. being using it for like 8 months now. its very comfy more extras and decently priced too..

  6. One wonders if Toyota will put a 4 cylinder diesel in the Landcruiser like Nissan did with the Patrol. They put this engine in the Prado.

  7. Toyota has too many quality problems, and they will be even more.
    They used to built decent vehicles in the past…not anymore

  8. Jsut too much crapy plastics, very thin and they bend if you let this vehicle under the sun for a while.
    Also has a noticeable chassis vibration, turtle engine at low rpm

  9. The US got shafted with the Tacoma… They’re still amazing trucks, but compared to the Hilux they’re just not up to snuff and not getting the D4D (or ANY small Diesel trucks) is just criminal. I’m having to build my own Hilux Surf/1KZ-TE cause I’m so desperate to have an oil-burner and all the great things it means for an Overland vehicle… Like 25-30mpg loaded and going over a 12,000ft. pass on a 2 week outing into the PNW wilderness.

  10. No, it’s really not. Completely different frame, engines and the Hilux get’s totally different load ratings. They’re almost 100% different except for the steering/front IFS which is based of the Prado and was in fact originally taken from the Tacoma when they dtched the “Hi-Trac” IFS or the SFA that the ROW trucks got. The Tacoma has a higher tow rating, but the Hilux has almost double the bed-load capacity. So, NO, they’re not “the same truck with a different body”… not even kind of…

  11. Toyota HAS been putting 4cyl Diesel’s in LC’s for years. They’re just called Bunderra’s or Prado’s meaning they’re LC bodies with Mini-truck/Hilux 8″ running gear. Look at the LJ78. it’s got the 2LT-E, and there’s the 2nd/3rd Gen Hilux Surfs/4Runners that are essentially the same thing underneath. Those had 1KZ-T/TE’s in them. I’m swapping one into a 2nd Gen 4Runner right now AMAZING engines/trucks. FWIW The Nissan 3.0L had some “issues” and the tranny they used with them broke a LOT so…

  12. Old Toyotas Are amazing, I’ve a 1st Gen Hilux Surf and it’s got 315K miles on it and it’s still rock solid. The frames under them are bigger then most “full size” US pickups of a few years ago and they go off-road like few other vehicles in history BUT, the D4D is an amazing motor aye. I’m swapping a 1KZ-TE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner (Surf) here in the US to have he best of both worlds. I never drove Mitsu’s in OZ when I lived there, but I love Mitsu’s, sadly we don’t get them in the US. Typical

  13. YEP… Course a LOT of us Toyota guys are just buying new motors (I’m going Turbo-Diesel) and solid axles and making our trucks what we want. 84-95 Toyotas are pure “Rest of the World” Hilux, after that we got the “Tacoma” chassis and they weakened it in favor of a better ride (C-Channel fame -vs- heavier gauge, fully boxed)… sad really. They should also at least let us special order the 70-series Cruisers cause once you drive one you’ll never be happy in anything else. AMAZING trucks.

  14. … Like??? They fixed the frame rusting issue caused by DANA building the Tacoma frames, the new D4D addressed whatever somewhat infrequent HG issues the old TDs (2L/TE and some 1KZ-T’s) had, the “Prius thing” here in the US was 100% driver error/idiocy and ROW trucks have been the top, most reliable trucks for their entire lives so… yeah, I’m calling bullshit.

  15. They do but ita called the tacoma its not quit the same its got a different front and its a tiny but larger then a normal hilux,

  16. The running boards don’t go much lower then the other stuff underneath plus that was only the factory standard boards. If you get steel ones your fine.

  17. I like how he says not to bully the vehicle… haha he basically raped that pathfinder in the pathfinder review 🙂

  18. I’ve heard that the newer 2012-2014 hiluxes have better suspension. Would it be possible then to fit the dampers/springs of the 2014 hilux to the old 2009 hilux to get a better ride? Or the parts won’t fit across these minor changes?

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