Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared – Chris Harris Drives – Top Gear

“Miles better than any G-Wagen I’ve ever driven.” Chris Harris takes us up close and personal with his review of the £250,000, 416bhp G500 4×4 Squared. Prepare to want one…

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Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared – Chris Harris Drives – Top Gear

35 Comments on “Mercedes G500 4×4 Squared – Chris Harris Drives – Top Gear”

  1. Shame it has all of those abilities but instead will be bought and driven by rich bellends in London.

  2. “… done up by some lunatics in Finland” Did you mean Iceland and Arctic Trucks? 😛

  3. Wegen die Mercedes decide to pull the most bad off-roader ever from the market???? This car was till 95 the most hated car even in Germany, even in Stuttgart, but by making over 40 years propaganda, the sheep horde eat even this. Are you sure that this car is worth the money??? And only idiots get an hard-on, when they hear AMG. AMG was till 90′ not even under the 3 best Mercedes tuner, as they were still a own company.

  4. Is there a great need for a $300,000 4×4 that can transport people to open pit mines? Who would buy this?

  5. all this can be done in a mahindra thar which cost less than paint option of this g_wagon ???

  6. Frankly i think the ford raptor is better, for less than half the price, and people wont think your as much of a prick

  7. This vehicle is amazing but the course is too easy for it- my Xterra could do this course (including the water crossings, snorkel and diff breathers), but I want to see this thing actually crawl over boulders and rocks.

  8. Why would you want your camber on your wheels like that? Wouldn’t cornering be really unstable? Id want them perfectly flat or tilted in a hair. Never tilted out

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