Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Dealer Day

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Held at MIRA in June 2011, Mitsubishi explained and demonstrated the substantial capabilities of the L200’s four-wheel drive system in a series of hands-on modules.
Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Dealer Day

29 Comments on “Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Dealer Day”

  1. just traded my 2006 mitsubishi challenger V6 for a triton 2012….pick up next week,can’t wait to start saving on fuel……

  2. Best looking 4×4 by Far. I have one in black, Great off road and a motorway cruiser.

  3. You are stupid.
    Mitsubishi makes quality vehicles
    The reservoir is not poured Beauty and the engine is not made to be beautiful, but the quality and that is Mitsubishi

  4. I got one o’ these, and I love it. I actually look forward to driving to work now!

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