24 Comments on “Porsche Cayenne 4×4”

  1. Why is it that every video has comments that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN TO DO WITH THE DAMN VIDEO, seriously its YOUTUBE, not argue bout random shit tube. Btw sick video, I got an x5 I wanna build to thru trails and the crazy chicago winters

  2. Хорошо ползает оказывается, причём на лысой резине )

  3. i did this with my cayenne this same thing ,,,,,, i got so many errors like airmatic suspension fail

  4. some people who has this car, only drive it on city roads. If you have this car you should drive it on offroad.

  5. фууу бля лехкотня сука! Я так каждый день делаю!

  6. кайен это понторезка а не внедорожник

  7. Interior light issues are silly on the Cayenne, I’m about to publish a video.

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