Powerline Park 4×4 Extreme

Powerline park no holds barred extreme 4×4 and ATV mud action. You can’t fix it if you don’t break it 🙂
Powerline Park 4×4 Extreme

16 Comments on “Powerline Park 4×4 Extreme”

  1. Well now this is just good old fashioned, dirty family fun right here. They probably feed their trucks Honda Civics and Smart Cars for dessert. hahahaha

  2. Great video and good music…. fuck all these haters. Hope you make it this year.

  3. why put dualie tires on a 4×4? just terrible. and would have been nice to have no music but at least you chose some good tunes

  4. Come on fella`s.You should know by now..That it`s all about the weight.the lighter the truck..The more it will get stuck.Throw some weight on it..Watch it go threw anything.

  5. THE MUSIC RUINS THE VID . Half the fun of watching vids like this is hearing the big block chevys roar

  6. This video got a thumbs down.. it was filmed with a potato, the photographer was shaky and shit music ruined it.

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