RC ADVENTURES – Giant 4×4 Trucks Race & Jump – Highlight Reel – HPI Baja Vs Losi 5ive T Vs DBXL

Click to Subscribe! ► – Welcome to the RCSparks Studio, a place where Radio Control dreams come true. In this film a group of friends come together at the RC Ranch to have some fun with our 1/5th scale, gas powered radio controlled 4×4 trucks. It is getting into our fall racing season and the track is primo for these heavy rigs. The watering system is essential in this sandy clay dirt, as it adds extra traction and keeps the dust down. Today I was filming alone, and was able to capture these incredible shots throughout a 6 hour racing day. The Aerial camera I used is an older model DJi Phantom with a Zenmuse Gimble & GoPro Hero 4 Camera. The Video Camera I am using for the ground shots is a Sony Model. I use final Cut Pro X to edit, on an iMac.

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RC ADVENTURES – Giant 4×4 Trucks Race & Jump – Highlight Reel – HPI Baja Vs Losi 5ive T Vs DBXL

34 Comments on “RC ADVENTURES – Giant 4×4 Trucks Race & Jump – Highlight Reel – HPI Baja Vs Losi 5ive T Vs DBXL”

  1. I have one rc truck and it’s a beast but right now it’s broke but it’s my favorite truck

  2. man that track is amazing, I would drop 8th scale in a heartbeat if my area had crowd for it

  3. Man I wish I friends with these guys they have so much space there’s nothing else around for miles

  4. I’m not even into RC cars, but I stumbled across this and it’s epic! Makes me want one.

  5. I love the track and trucks hope to get a 5 t some day I have 11 trucks already wife says to many toys I told her never enough toys some day I will get one not sure if they have any tracks here in ohio to run them on though still would be lots of fun

  6. Anybody have plans for FPV on one of these bad boys? I think that would take it to the next level.

  7. big trucks losi and baja thats what rc is about go big or just dont show up great vid guys

  8. Exciting and fun stuff!! Us geezers never grow up! You don’t get to 25 years old and stop wanting to see massive jumps etcetera!!

  9. yo if you buy me a ticket from the Netherlands to were you live I will water the track for you hole day

  10. Hey guys. Does anyone know why traxxas hasn’t answered to the Losi 5 T ?? Or have they?

  11. hi what website could I purchase one of these truck of in the uk if not just a website

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