RC ADVENTURES – Muddy Momma Helps Make A MUD PiT! Will 4X4 PiNKY GET STUCK?!

– 1080p HD to see that JEM is Pregnant! Yes my friends, congratulations to my beautiful wife JEM. She is radiant and glowing like a New Mom-To-Be! At the time of this filming – we are 4 months along now – and many have wondered why JEM has not been in my film series for a while. HAH!

It’s because she has been busy growing our FiRST little one, safe and sound! Well, on this fine spring day.. JEM and I enjoy some time in our back yard. A little different than the usual areas I go to film in the mud – but being close to home is something any RC ADVENTURE can accomodate. Time to break out the shovel.. and Make JEM a MUD PiT!

Yes, I had started on this last week.. and at the end of the summer I am putting in a shed to house all the yard tools. Well, the shed will be replacing an old sandbox in my backyard – so why not have some fun in the meantime?! Lets see – Hot day? Check! Hot Wife? Double Check. Shovel- Yup, check – Time to bust out the Hose and Make some Mud History.

JEMS Truck is called “PiNKY”. It is a Axial SCX10 Honcho 4×4 RC Truck. 2S GensAce Lipo, 27t Brushed Axial Motor, TEKiN FXR ESC, and 2.2 Proline Racing Masher Tires on Vanquish Bead lock Wheels.

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RC ADVENTURES – Muddy Momma Helps Make A MUD PiT! Will 4X4 PiNKY GET STUCK?!

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  1. Yo that Sony camera u where holding above pinky in them X Wat camera is it and how much I think it’s a sony

  2. ur so lucky my wife is the opposite of this I would b hounded and forced to sleep out side with my rc if I dug up my yard

  3. I done that to my garden and my mum sort of kild me and it was in the middell

  4. hehe.. good to go back and watch old vids i missed before subbing… If I did this at home my wife WOULD DESTROY ME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. she is just getting the hole large enough for a grown man to fit in and he is helping and don’t even know it’s going to be his final resting place. ??

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