Slash 4X4: Hydroplane Jump On Water!

Traxxas is all about fun, and when we say the Slash 4X4 is an off-road vehicle, we really mean off the road. With plenty of Velineon brushless horsepower on tap we set out to push the limits and jump a Slash 4X4 while hydroplaning. The result speaks for itself.

Our R/C vehicles take on a CLOSED WATER PARK in our newest video! Check it out here!

Note: For this run we used a stock Slash 4X4 with Traxxas Stability Management and included optional high-speed gearing with a Traxxas Power Cell 3s LiPo. We installed aftermarket paddle tires to propel across the water. We also secured pre-cut foam noodle sections for flotation – just in case. Vehicles shown are being operated by professional drivers in a controlled environment. For the safety of users, others, and the product, please do not imitate the maneuvers performed in this video.
Slash 4X4: Hydroplane Jump On Water!

18 Comments on “Slash 4X4: Hydroplane Jump On Water!”

  1. Traxxas you should make a off road boat with wheels and a rally boat with wheels

  2. My slash had more than 13 problems,you guys should make your parts with metal parts instead of plastic and the motor died in one day

  3. I can’t believe this is the ONLY video you have on ” the ultimate slash” Don’t know of many people who race on short tracks of water! most people race on land! Your marketing people should be FIRED! You should have at least 3 videos racing on land, and maybe this one just for fun!

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