TATRA World Record – Extreme 4×4

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Extreme 4×4 – TATRA Truck on the monster ramp.
TATRA World Record – Extreme 4×4

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  1. What under the tent? Hidraulic powered weights that Changing mass senter during performance?

  2. कदपकमर ेतैरदैलत ेकदुलैतरर ेर ेकले ैकपेत .

  3. Wauw .. amazing .. he pushed the speeding paddle gently.. no one else can do that .. wait a second … isn’t that just stupid? I could push a peddle too .. don’t even have a truck driving license, but I have what is needed … hands and feet.
    1. hold staring wheel tight.
    2. Step on gazpeddle.
    CONGRATZ … your a world champion

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