TRAKKA Jabiru 4X4 Motorhome

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 motorhome
TRAKKA Jabiru 4X4 Motorhome

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  1. Nobody talking about the speed of the toilet??? I hope no body get a emergency shit on there… :S

  2. What’s the American version of this? I also would like to respectfully recommend giveing specs like HP,Torque and van length. As for the motor home itself it looked better inside than I was expecting.Most reviews I’ve seen of 4×4 rv’s looked really cramped and uncomfortable. This one looked like it might actually be somewhat comfortable for a husband wife couple.

  3. Ok Roadtrek and Leisure Travel what’s the deal…Australia gets an outside hookon table and 4WD on command with height leveling….really.

  4. Get some dam tires on it.! besides that does anyone here in youtube land own one and can tell me or us,any bad on the DEF system on these diesels ?

  5. Si fuese rico me gustaría vivir en una camioneta asi,cada día descubriría un lugar nuevo.

  6. Eu gostaria muito de Pode ganha um desde para mim para eu passea com minha família minha esposa e meus filhos meu wpp por favor (84)99800-2086 Brasil

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