19 Comments on “Traxxas Slash 4×4”

  1. they have the lcg version now and the previous one worked fine. it wasnt advertised as a racer

  2. I just got a slash 2 wheel drive car and its great. I paid $260 at a retail hobby shop. I kind of wish I got this 4×4 version instead. Its over 2x the money though, not that it isn’t worth it I am sure it is but I probably don’t need it. I just play around with it in parking lots and at home I don’t race it.

  3. If the moters hot, you should let it cool down for about 15 minutes. I’ve went through about 6 moters buy getting the moter overheated until it stops and has that weird smell in the air.

  4. great video!! could you check out my first video i posted of my slash and tell me how i did?  Thanks for your time.

  5. traxxas needs to stop selling the slash and stampede 4×4 models with the vxl combo bc it gets too hot all the time. they need to make a 4s capable 550 combo for the 2 cars

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